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LaDue Fencing, Inc is the fencing contractor that specializes in fencing services for residential or commercial properties. We are fully trained in providing professional fencing installations, repairs, replacements, and maintenance services. With our company offering excellent fencing and gate services for custom fences, iron fences, chain-link, ornamental, farm fencing, vinyl, and security gates, it's easy to see why we are the local go-to for all fencing needs.

Chain-Link Fencing

LaDue Fencing, Inc offers quality chain-link repairs & installation services for any residential or commercial property. Chainlink fencing services are an affordable option to choose from & our teams of fencing experts are second to none in the fencing industry.

Ornamental Fencing

With the ornamental fencing and gate options we have to offer, having an elegant style to choose from when it comes to deciding what is best for your property has never been easier. Ornamental fences will bring a high-class wrought iron look that you’ve been looking to add to your home or business.

Security Fencing

Keep the unwanted guests out by installing a security gate or fencing system to your home or business. You can depend on LaDue Fencing, Inc to provide exceptional security fencing or gate repair services to ensure a long lasting and durable security fence or gate system.

Specialty Gate & Custom Fencing Options

Being that our company specializes in custom and specialty options for fences, gates, barriers, and enclosures to your residential or commercial properties, we strongly encourage any of our local business or homeowners to reach out to our fencing pros if there are any customized or specialty fencing options that you have in mind.

Why LaDue Fencing Is So Successful

LaDue Fencing, Inc is experienced at providing any installations, repairs, replacements, and maintenance services. There are different options of fences and gates that we have to offer such as chain link, iron, wood, ornamental, vinyl, dog kennels, gates, security fences, or gates. Also, we have a selection of barbed and razor wire that is available to specific fencing or gate projects.


Client-Specific Fencing

With LaDue Fencing, Inc, each fence or gate installation service that we provide is unique to every customer. Every home and business inherently different and improving its fencing will brighten the way your property looks in absolutely no time.


Safe & Secure Fencing

When you have LaDue Fencing, Inc install a security gate or secured fencing system to your commercial or residential property, we will ensure that every gate or fence has been adequately tested and are proven to be reliably durable.


Visually Striking Fencing

Imagine having an alluring fence or gate added to your home or business; LaDue Fencing Inc is the company that specializes in bringing out the aesthetic appeal. Once we are complete with installing the perfect gate or fence, it will make your property absolutely stunning.


Fencing Installation

Bring a new level of security to your home or business by having LaDue Fencing Inc professionally install an appealing, yet serviceable, security gate or fencing system. What's more, we offer customized designs prior to our fencing installation services; if needed.


Fencing Designs

Whether you’re looking for custom or personalized fencing options for your home or business, LaDue Fencing, Inc offers world-class designs specifically catered to you, the client. No matter how large or small the property is; we are skilled at affecting timely installation times.


Quality Fencing Assured

LaDue Fencing, Inc is the company that offers quality fencing and gate options while we assure that there is only the highest quality in materials used for every residential and commercial fencing project. You will be amazed by the gate or fencing system that is provided; we guarantee it.

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